Educational Scholarship.

The Amourdalingum Pyneeandee Education Fund

Tamil League has always recognized education as one of the most fundamental building blocks for human development and poverty reduction and is fully committed to implementing its educational objectives for the advancement and enhancement of not only the Tamil Community but also those who come to seek assistance.

Private tuition classes for both primary and secondary levels were held at the seat of the Association since the early sixties.

In 1997 the League launched a scholarship scheme for secondary education by providing financial assistance and academic guidance for 7-8 years to three most deserving students, based on their performance at the CPE examinations and the total income of their parents. With the advent of free education in 2005, the League shifted its scholarship allocation from secondary to tertiary and consolidated all forms of assistance in the field of education to needy students under the fund “Amoordalingum Pyneeandee Education Fund”. Mr. A.Pynneandee was a pioneer of the League who contributed a lot in the formation of members.

Thus since 2008 the League, through this Fund, is awarding partial financial assistance to three students of needy families for the duration of their studies as the University of Mauritius or any recognised tertiary establishment.

This Fund is managed by an independent Committee and contributions are most welcome.

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