Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Angidi Veeriah Chettiar Fund For Community Development

As part of its philanthropic activities, Tamil has set up a Corporate Social Responsibility programme which is called the Angidi Veeriah Chettiar Fund for Community Development. This Fund has been named after the late Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius and was officially launched in July 2011.

The main objectives of this Fund are:

* To provide foodstuff on a monthly basis to a certain number of vulnerable families around the Island

* To assist on an adhoc basis victims of calamities such as fire, cyclone, flood, etc.

The funding of this programme is through donation from CSR fund of corporate organisations and from private individual contributions. We started with 20 families and reached at a certain time a peak of 51. The list of beneficiaries is being extended as and when we collect more donations.

The Tamil League is registered as an approved NGO (N/1445) with the national CSR Committee.

Contributions to this humanitarian initiative are most welcome.